Sunday, January 24, 2010

Laundry day!!!


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wat a day....

1.Class general cleaning 3pm
2.Sports House meeting later after class
3.need to get a nap.....miss my Vodka.....

Friday, January 22, 2010

What a week!!

Phew!!I think I have one of the most outrageous timetable ever this year amongst my colleagues.25 periods a week(40 mins each),handle a whole class of 30 hyperactive teenagers and I know there is a list to go!Just got back from the school;there was a group of officers from the Royal Brunei Education Department came visiting here.Drove to the town with Iskandar in Zaleha's car...Life has been so different compared to 3 years I miss 2007!!!2007 was the best time of my life ever!I was so much in Love and being loved makes the world goes round..and so I thought.Now,Im all by myself and felt so lonely.I try to convince myself that the Love that I knew is not fading bit by bit.......hopefully,there will be good news to come and I can move on with my life...Love gives me life;I want to stay alive with the Love I invested....Here is a picture back in 2007!!!!It seemed like everyday is the day by the beach in 2007!

A New Start 2010

The last time I blogged was like 6 years ago.Things havent changed much except for some major incidents in my life along the way.Ive met many great people and someone(lover) ;made mistakes ;fall flat on my face a couple of times.....I hope its not too late for me to begin blogging again after a long hiatus;we do have facebook and frenster but deep down in my heart,Blog will always be my 1st major crush.Ive been working(teaching in fact) for 6 years now;have been trying my luck in getting love;along the wayI meet someone who is caring and very much in love to that person.But time and distance have recently making fun of us.....I really miss all the affection and the time we spent together.Things have been going downhill in my life (family) eversince the passing of my beloved late father in 2008.I havent really seen the ray of light shining my path to recovery....Life changed drastically and my love life seems grey too................maybe by writing some notes here could make me be sane again and bring back the old me.Joyful,Loud and Active!2010 may be my platform to foray into the brighter future!